Questions, ideas, requests? I’m happy to visit about projects for your home, whether furniture, cutting boards, accent pieces, or refurbishing.

I’ll post items available for purchase here on the site as I make them, but for commissioned pieces, please email or call 806-557-0168, or contact me @RedTowerWalt via Facebook or Instagram.

MY story…


My name is Walt Henson, and I’m building a business. I’m also building custom furniture. In fact, that’s the business. I’m writing the next chapter of my story, and I would love to make a piece of furniture that helps you write your story. You have a place, now it’s time to get home. I build tables, benches and other pieces that set the stage for the story you are writing.

My story has several chapters before this one. I’m a married father of two who has been managing my family’s ranch for the past 10 years. A few years ago, I had an accident on the ranch that put me in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Although I have recovered, my first injury left my confidence and family shaken. I spent three weeks at home doing absolutely nothing. My eyesight was affected so that I couldn’t read or even watch TV, just sit and think and pray. I wasn’t able to help with errands, driving my kids to activities, much less get back to work. After about 6 weeks, I was back to working a very light schedule, but still wasn’t feeling like I was actually ‘back’.

My wife and daughters felt I was safe enough to leave for a weekend while they went to church camp, and while they were gone, I built a table. It was a dining table in the style we liked, a rustic farmhouse style that I made using some DIY plans I found online. Although I see a lot of flaws in the table now, it is also the most important piece I will ever build. That table gave me the confidence and peace to know that I was finally back. I could do things again. I could make big plans, work hard, and build something. When my wife got home, the look on her face sparked in me something that I hadn’t felt since well before the accident, the feeling of bringing joy. Ever since that day, I have built things for our house, seeking that look.

I spent the next two years studying. Books, videos, classes, questions, conversations, questions, reflection and inspiration. I learned a lot about wood and how to make it look like I want, but more importantly, how to get out of the way of the beauty that is so readily on display in creation. And most importantly, I learned that I loved woodwork. I still manage the ranch, but every chance I get, I’m in the woodshop, making, building, thinking and dreaming. I would love to build something for you. 

What is different about Red Tower Design? It’s me. I love taking on a challenge, thinking, planning and learning. When I make a piece of custom furniture, I can’t say if it’s the best, but I can say that it’s my best. I hope you’ll let me show you what I can do to make your next furniture purchase one that you will be proud of from now on. If I do my job right, it will last long enough that your story will be told by the next generation.


Work hard, be kind