Commissioned Work

Cheap, disposable furniture is easy to find. It’s easy to buy and easy to put together. It’s also easy to throw away. No one wants a home filled with landfill furniture.

Handcrafted, custom-made furniture, on the other hand, turns your house into a home. And home is where you connect. You connect as a family at mealtime. You connect with friends around a coffee table. You connect with your heritage when you receive furniture passed down from previous generations. And you connect to your future when you own pieces that will last into the next generation.

You deserve a home you can be proud of. A home that welcomes you, and a home you happily welcome other into.

Red Tower Design makes furniture that helps you connect. Using time-tested woodworking techniques, Walt Henson builds custom wood furniture that lasts. Get a free quote today, and get started telling your story.

Commissioned pieces start at $1100.


The William table

This table was built with a few very specific people in mind. Actually, with a few very specific toes in mind. My daughters’ and their cousins’. While I made the base for this table out of hard maple, because of the light color requested by the client (who also goes by “Mimi”), I appreciated the sturdiness of that species of wood. But I also considered the feet that would surround the table at Mimi’s house. Barefeet attached to breakfast-scarfing kids on weekend and holiday mornings, resting against the long stretcher at the base of the table. So I carved simple, straight lines along the corners. You can’t see most of the lines, but you can feel them with your toes!

Walnut top; Maple base; Pure finish; Custom-cut and hand-finished spiral base flourishes.


The Maple Coffee Table

“A big coffee table that people can put their feet on! So sturdy!!!

The living room was big on room, but short on coziness. So I made this one to fill the room, custom-sized to make propped-up-feet possible from every seat in the living room! The sturdiness request was simple to meet - I built the base out of hard white maple, complete with a maple-ply lower shelf that was reinforced for strength, because crawling onto it is a temptation no kid can resist! Another must-have for a strong table? Mortise-and-tenon joinery, no screws, nails or wiggle room. Just classical woodworking techniques that utilize the strength of maple and ensure a long, sturdy life. The tabletop also maintains live edge curves and sawmill texture, as well as light and dark tone-matched wood grain across the surface which give it character and uniqueness that isn’t found in store-bought furniture.

Walnut top; Maple base; Pure finish; Mortise-and-tenon; Dado-inset shelf


Farmhouse Truss table

The classic, rustic Farmhouse Table has made a comeback. This table featured breadboard ends and lots of wavy grain to give it a texture and character that provided the client a rich background for mealtime, conversation and hosting friends and family for years to come. For their family, it has helped turn their home into a set-piece on which they can tell their story.

Red Oak top and base; Pure finish; Floating tenon joinery; Rustic texture throughout; Hand-carved details and corners