The Elements Table


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Every novel starts with a blank page. Every painting, a blank canvas. The basics, when used well, become classics.

The Elements Table is handcrafted by Red Tower Design to be a strong, simple statement that inspires you to add your own character and style. Bring your home to life with a new palette each season, using a table that doesn’t overwhelm or distract, but that doesn’t bore either.

Available in custom sizes, the table pictured is 39” x 86”, designed to seat up to 8. The X-base is braced with a center beam that adds strength to support the solid oak top. The black matte coated steel is cut, assembled and welded here in Canyon, TX. The natural, hand-rubbed oil-finished table top is durable, easy to clean and retains the texture and tone of the oak without having the plasticky feel of storebought furniture. $950

Smaller custom sizes are available with or without the brace, for seating up to 4. Contact for price based on size.


Curious about the Elements Table? Maybe a different size? Contact Walt with any ideas or questions you might have.

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