“multiple uses” Patio table

When my grandfather passed away in 2016, he left behind a legacy of hard work. He also left a pile of scrap wood that I wound up with, pieces that he had once deemed “good enough to use again”. Every now and then I take something from that pile and give it another life. This table was a collection of 2x6’s and cedar 4x4 posts that came alive once I planed off the age and weather. The result was a table that sits on my family’s back porch, a daily reminder that the best stories are the ones that are retold often. After all, just like a good piece of wood, a good story has multiple uses.



Ranch house accent table

Behind HQ at the family ranch stood a line of houses used by families who lived and worked on the ranch at various times from the 1940s on. One of those houses was built well enough that it actually got moved to town one day — except for the roof. But as it turns out, even the roof was well built. I gathered and cut the rafters that were left behind, and they were so straight and solid that I couldn’t help but make something for my own home. I played a little with the joinery on this one, as well as the color, but the dark and light contrast on the legs was not the result of paint or stain—the dark tone is the result of age and weather, the light red was the natural color of the wood, even after all those years.